About us

Oceans at Work is a charity foundation. Here you can get to know the people of our board and discover their motivations.

Why we are enthusiastic and what drives us as a foundation, you can read in our policy plan. We also publish our annual financial results here.
Soon you will meet our new chair and vice-chair here.

Renate van der Veer - van der Geest

secretary Oceans at Work Foundation

Observing fish never fails to fascinate me. I can spend hours snorkelling, it's a totally relaxing experience for me. The fact that the oceans are warming up and the sea level is rising as a result of the climate crisis keeps me pretty busy. At the same time, I also like a fish on my plate. That gives me mixed feelings. I see my commitment to Oceans at Work Foundation as a wonderful opportunity to contribute to a healthy future for the oceans.

Frans van der Veer

treasurer Oceans at Work Foundation

It would be great if the concept of circular aquaculture could become a reality. Because it is still so new, it really feels like pioneering. Coming from a banking background, I would like to dedicate myself to the special work of the Oceans at Work Foundation. It's also in my own interest, because I love fish, both on my plate and when I'm fishing along the riverside.

Michaël Laterveer

general member Oceans at Work Foundation and owner of Blue Linked

You have to dare to pass on dreams. Putting those dreams into practice is what I do every day. I think it is fantastic to contribute to a healthy future for the oceans. As a biologist, I have an eye for the big picture, both in nature and in the way we work together as people. At the Oceans at Work Foundation, I want to dedicate myself to this.

Manon Laterveer - de Beer

general member of Oceans at Work Foundation and owner of Blue Imprint

As a child I watched Jacques Cousteau's underwater films breathlessly. I overcame my fear of water and learned to dive as a marine biology student. For the Oceans at Work Foundation, I turn my innate fascination with marine life into a positive contribution to our relationship with the sea. It gives me energy when we get other people on board.

Eric Heres

advisor Oceans at Work Foundation, partner and co-owner of VIRTUS Communications

How wonderful it is to be able to contribute to a sustainable future for the ocean and thus for mankind. With animal-friendly aquaculture that provides the protein needs of a growing world population.'