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Do you want to contribute to a healthy relationship between humans and the sea? Then support the work of the Oceans at Work Foundation.

Your contribution will help develop a new way of farming seafood: ecological, waste-free, energy-efficient and animal-friendly. We call this 'circular fish farming', resulting in a tasty and healthy slice of fish on your plate that is also good for nature.

It takes a lot of ambition and perseverance to make this dream come true. We have no shortage of those at the Oceans at Work Foundation. But let's be honest: we also need money, so that we can invest in the technology and research to demonstrate how it works. Only then will the market take off, so that you will soon see our circular fish in the shops.
Every donation is welcome, because many drops - big and small - make one ocean. Thank you very much!
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Our return: a unique certificate

Would you like to support the Oceans at Work Foundation? Then don't do it for nothing! Unfortunately, we cannot promise you a sustainable fish for your plate yet. And releasing a fish into the sea on your behalf, it is still too early for that.

What we can do, however, is reward you with a unique certificate. As proof of your fantastic contribution. To do this, we will ask you to fill in your e-mail address when you make your donation. Naturally, we will handle this with discretion. We will only use your e-mail address to send you your own certificate. And we guarantee that your gift will give extra energy to our pioneering work.

Donate and distribute!

Do yourself, the future of us all, the earth, oceans and animals a favour: share our website with your network via social media. And make others enthusiastic about what we do. Let's make the oceans a little better together.

Oceans at Work Foundation is a charity foundation (ANBI-status). Under certain conditions, donors may deduct their gifts from their income or corporate tax.