26.11.2021 | Introduction to Wadden Fund
In a video call with Renze Schootstra, grants specialist Wadden Fund, and Hans van Hilten, programme director nature and energy Wadden Fund, the board of the Oceans at Work Foundation explained this week the progress of the project 'Sea farm on land'. This project, in which we cooperate with the Salt Farm Foundation and Blauwe Polder Foundation, was made possible thanks to a grant from the Wadden Fund.
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19.11.2021 | Work visit to project partner 'Sea farm on land' on Texel

Yesterday, the board of the Oceans at Work Foundation visited our project partner Salt Farm Foundation (SFF) on Texel. We are working together with SSF and Blauwe Polder Foundation to realise the 'Sea farm on land', a project funded by the Wadden Fund. It was an informative day with tantalising experiences for the senses.

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08.11.2021 | Collaboration Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

Last week, the 'dry lab' of our knowledge partner Blue Linked was upgraded with a great addition: a coulter counter and an instructional microscope (binocular). Thanks to the special collaboration with Hogeschool Rotterdam, a loan agreement has been made to be able to use this advanced equipment for the internship projects of the students related to circular fish farming.

For the Oceans at Work Foundation, the collaboration means that we can make even more impact with the research being carried out here. Ralph Bax, lecturer at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences: 'Internships like this are extremely valuable for our training programme. Students learn what it is like to build something from scratch.'
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26.10.2021 | Second climate room under construction

It is real teamwork to build the second climate room for the 'Sea farm on land' project. These men do the heavy work. From left to right: Joran Glasbergen (trainee), Michaël Laterveer (Blue Linked, co-founder of the Oceans at Work Foundation), Ymke van der Moolen (technician, volunteer) and Koen Tomson (Blue Linked).
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18.10.2021 | Internship for a healthy sea

At the Oceans at Work Foundation, we encourage students to choose a coastal and marine education. They are more than welcome to contribute to our pioneering work in circular fish farming. Why are they doing this? We ask them ourselves.

Today an interview with Lisa, Chantal, Joran, Amy, and another Chantal.
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11.10.2021 | Visit project partners

Now that the contours of the 'Seafarm on land' are gradually becoming visible, it is time for the board to pay a visit, together with project partner Foundation De Blauwe Polder.

During a working visit in which some of us kept our coats on - the fish that we will be breeding can stand the cold - our knowledge partner Michaël Laterveer gave us an enthusiastic guided tour. Please join us.
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23.09.2021 | Climate room takes shape

This week, in the hatchery of our knowledge partner Blue Linked, the climate room for circular fish farming is being built. The contours of the 'Sea farm on land' are taking shape!
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12.08.2021 | Construction of climate room starts with circular partner Hans van der Meijs

The hatchery is ready for the construction of the climate room for the 'sea farm on land'. With the family business Hans van der Meijs - specialist in recycling and reusing sustainable materials - we have found the ideal partner.
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23.07.2021 | Update Blauwe Polder 1
Photo: Michiel Alleman (Pexels)
After being awarded the grant for the Blue Polder 1 project (see previous news items), a lot has happened at Oceans at Work Foundation.

The foundation's board has been expanded to include a new president, secretary and treasurer. Conversation is underway about a location for the outgrowth facility for farmed turbot and cod on Texel.

The first priority is to build a hatchery at the breeding center, located in Hazerswoude-dorp. Here, fish larvae will be raised to fry (juvenile fish) using innovative techniques: circular and animal-friendly.
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17.04.2021 | Media attention
Noord-Hollands Dagblad
Now that the Waddenfund has recently granted a subsidy to the Blauwe Polder 1 project of the Oceans at Work foundation and partners, media attention has been triggered. Everything in the project revolves around circular aquaculture on land in which marine organisms are cultivated: sustainable and animal-friendly. But circular aquaculture, what exactly is that?

The Noord-Hollands Dagblad published an extensive interview with Michaël Laterveer of the Oceans at Work Foundation on April 17, 2021 about the Blauwe Polder 1 project and the development of a seafood farm on land. '... a concept as simple as it is brilliant that can offer a solution to the world food problem', according to the article.
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30.03.2021 | Waddenfonds subsidy awarded
In March 2021 the Waddenfonds awarded a subsidy to the 'Blauwe Polder 1' project. Within this project, Oceans at Work Foundation, together with Blue Polder Foundation and Salt Farm Foundation are working on the realization of a 'Sea Farm on land' with the application of circular techniques. For two years, the Oceans at Work Foundation will focus on developing a hatchery for marine organisms and an outgrowth facility for the fish fry in the hatchery. Initially, the focus will be on turbot and cod.
Developmental stages of turbot larvae (photo: T. Wijgerde)
Developmental stages of turbot larvae (photo: T. Wijgerde)

The Oceans at Work Foundation was established on August 4, 2011.