23.07.2021 | Update Blauwe Polder 1
Photo: Michiel Alleman (Pexels)
After being awarded the grant for the Blue Polder 1 project (see previous news items), a lot has happened at Oceans at Work Foundation. The foundation's board has been expanded to include a new president, secretary and treasurer. Conversation is underway about a location for the outgrowth facility for farmed turbot and cod on Texel. The first priority is to build a hatchery at the breeding center, located in Hazerswoude-dorp. Here, fish larvae will be raised to fry (juvenile fish) using innovative techniques: circular and animal-friendly.

This summer we will begin the construction of several climate chambers for plankton and fry farming. After that, we will start building the innovative breeding systems: real specialist work that requires a lot of time and attention. In the meantime, students come in and out to do their internships in circular breeding techniques. Curious what they are working on? Then click here.