23.09.2021 | Climate room takes shape
We are making progress in shaping the 'Sea farm on land'. This week, the company Hans van der Meijs will install the climate room in the hatchery of our knowledge partner Blue Linked. The insulated panels form the contours of the place where the circular fish farming will take place. It is buzzing with activities, which gives a lot of energy!

All hands on deck

With strength and determination, the panels are pushed into the building (left). As is appropriate for a circular approach, these are not new panels but rather reused. The panels come from all over the country and are given a new life.

Today the roof is put on (middle) and tomorrow everything has to be finished off neatly. On top of the roof (right) you can see the steel beams used for the construction of the climate room. With the roof of the hatchery visible above. At the far end, there will be a climate room for growing algae. We are going to build this ourselves, to keep the costs down. It's all hands on deck!