18.10.2021 | Internship for a healthy sea
The Oceans at Work Foundation works closely together with knowledge partner Blue Linked. This pioneer in circular fish farming is a recognised learning company and works together with various educational institutions in the field of coast and sea. For example with Hogeschool Rotterdam, Hogeschool Utrecht, Yuverta (a combination of Wellantcollege, CITAVERDE College and Helicon Opleidingen), HAS Hogeschool Den Bosch and Wageningen University & Research. Here, students who are currently doing an internship in circular fish farming explain what they are doing and why.

Lisa Velberg Lisa Velberg (23 years) | Hogeschool Rotterdam | Biology and Medical Laboratory Research | 4th year | September 2021 - June 2022

'What we are working on here has a positive impact on the way people currently view fish farming. I really feel that way. The circular approach, the economical use of resources and materials, is very interesting. The reason why I decided to do an internship here is that circular fish farming means that in the long run we can also restore the natural environment. To do that, the ecology in the culturing system has to be just right, and that is what I focus on. I monitor the water quality in the system. It has to be optimal for the plankton and the fish, the entire food chain.'
Chantal Polet Chantal Polet (20 years) | Hogeschool Utrecht | Life Sciences, specialisation Zoology | 3rd year | September 2021 - February 2022

'Fish farming is also about making the food you feed the fish more sustainable. During my internship, I will investigate the possibilities of using sustainable artificial feed instead of live feed during the growth of turbot larvae. What effect does this have on the development and survival of the baby fish? The unique combination of practice and theory that I experience here gives me a lot of energy. The work is varied and very interesting. And I think the subject is important, because with the growing world population, the demand for fish will only increase.'
Joran Glasbergen Joran Glasbergen (26 years) | Yuverta | Eco and Wildlife | 3rd year | August - November 2021

'I am concerned about the way we treat the oceans. I see overfishing as a major problem. What if we continue like this? Can fish populations still recover? That is why I am enthusiastic about working on the development of circular fish farming. During my internship, I will be working on the development and testing of working protocols for the culture of food animals. I am also concerned with safety on the work floor. And I am going to study the budget for setting up the hatchery where everything is going to happen. Great fun and varied work!'
Amy Nouwen Amy Nouwen (23 years) | HAS Hogeschool Den Bosch | Applied Biology | 3rd year | September 2021 - February 2022

'Not a single day is the same here. And I am learning a lot, because in this pioneering work a lot still has to be figured out. The small scale on the work floor is appealing to me. And I find the circular fish farming very interesting. The demand for fish is increasing, so it has to be done in a sustainable way. Our work fits in perfectly with that and I think it deserves a good chance. In the coming period, I am going to investigate which algae we can best use for the growth and development of the copepods. These are the planktonic animals that serve as food for the developing fish.'
Chantal Visser Chantal Visser (24 years), MsC. | Wageningen University & Research | Aquaculture and Marine Resource Management, Marine Animal Ecology | 3rd year | June - November 2021

'I would like to contribute to narrowing the gap between research, regulation and market, while also paying attention to the recovery of ecosystems that are under pressure, such as the oceans. That is why the motto '1 fish on your plate, 1 fish in the sea', which we work with here, really appeals to me. During my internship, I will use interviews with stakeholders to find out where the bottlenecks lie in the release of fish in the North Sea and which parties are open to cooperation. The atmosphere here is great, the work is varied and we are in the middle of current events. I enjoy going to work every day.'