07.04.2022 | Internship for a healthy sea
The Oceans at Work Foundation works closely together with knowledge partner Blue Linked. This pioneer in circular fish farming is a recognised learning company and works together with various educational institutions in the field of coast and sea. For example with Wageningen University & Research, Hogeschool Rotterdam and Utrecht University. Here, students who are currently doing an internship in circular fish farming explain what they are doing and why.

Maurice Boelens Maurice Boelens (28 years) | HAN University of Applied Sciences | Centre for Multiple Value Creation (Technical Business Administration) | 4th year | January 2022

‘For the minor 'Circular Economy' I was looking for an internship in which I could help an organisation to become future-proof. Circular entrepreneurship is not only about financial results, but also about people and the environment. I was interested in the case of circular fish farming. That is why I made an inventory of how this concept can be further developed into a scalable and future-proof business and profit model, with added value for all stakeholders. If the circular fish farming concept is successful, it could have an enormously positive impact. Combined with more and more scientific research, that impact will grow exponentially. This motivates me enormously.’
Alae-eddine Ameziane Alae-eddine Ameziane (23 years) | Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences | Biology and Medical Laboratory Research, Molecular Biology minor | 4th year | February - December 2022

‘I am learning a lot here. It gives me a global picture of the physical, chemical and biological aspects that are important in fish breeding. At the same time, I also dive into the microscopic world of plankton. Fascinating! And the nice thing is, we work together here in a very diverse team. Not only interns and employees with similar backgrounds, but also technical people and management experts. The variety of the work is very inspiring. And there is plenty of opportunity to help others as well, so you learn things outside your own field. That is very valuable.’
Sjoerd Hoogendorp Sjoerd Hoogendorp (27 years) | HAN University of Applied Sciences | Centre for Multiple Value Creation (Logistics Management) | 4th year | January 2022

‘I think it's important that there are people who help to transform the traditional economic system into one that is ethically sustainable. The harmony between economy and nature must be restored. When I got the chance to write a transition plan for circular fish farming, I seized it with both hands. As I see it, the question is about combining the potential of nature - in this case, an innovative fish farming system - with economic benefit. People who do this are drivers of the transition from a linear to a circular economy. Here I have experienced how something so abstract translates into practice.’
Leodie Kruidhof Leodie Kruidhof (24 years) | Utrecht University | Bio Inspired Innovation | 2nd year MSc | May - July 2021

‘The concept of 1 fish on your plate, 1 fish in the sea, is a new way of thinking. The breeding system is inspired by nature. And the focus of the business plan is both on the P of Profit and Planet. Circular fish farming can also be practised in countries with water shortages because it uses minimal resources. In this way, it also contributes to the P of People. This makes me very enthusiastic, which is why I am happy to contribute to the concept. During my internship, I wrote a review on the added value of micro-algae in circular aquaculture systems, in as much as they already exist in practice. That is how I discovered that this is really pioneering work!’

Leodie is per 1 February 2022 project assistant at Blue Linked, knowledge partner of the Oceans at Work Foundation.
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