A new, sustainable perspective on fish farming

The Oceans at Work Foundation - a recognised charity foundation - is committed to a healthy relationship between humans and the sea. Three quarters of our planet is covered by oceans. They give us food and resources, and regulate the climate. Marine life is a fascinating world, full of beauty to be discovered.

But the sea is not thriving. We are depleting it of fish and turning it into a 'plastic soup'. Fortunately, it is not yet too late to turn the tide. The Oceans at Work Foundation is working on practical solutions to make the sea healthy again.
Illustration: Carola van der Valk
Illustration: Carola van der Valk

Ecological, locally farmed and animal friendly

What we want is to help develop a new, sustainable approach to farming fish and other marine life. Our approach is based on nature: ecological, waste-free, energy-efficient and guaranteed animal-friendly. With this circular way of farming, we can relieve the fishing pressure on the oceans.

What do we have in mind? Healthy fish, raised without antibiotics. Healthy and tasty for you to eat. Or maybe you prefer to see them swimming around in the sea. This is also possible with our way of fish farming, because our motto is: 1 fish on your plate, 1 fish in the sea. What makes this fantastic picture complete is that our circular fish farming doesn't have to take place close to the sea. It can also be done in the city, or even in the desert. Marine fish, locally farmed on land; how unique is that?

Will you join us?

The technique of circular fish farming already exists. It was conceived and developed by our knowledge partner Blue Linked. Together with students, we are perfecting our way of fish farming in a smart way. However, we still need a lot of fans to make it work in daily practice. Consumers who choose sustainable farmed fish, and nature lovers who want to make the oceans healthy again. Or partners in the supply chain who also think that things should be done differently. Are you with us?
Here you can see how it works (click on the image to enlarge):
Infographic: Carola van der Valk