Participate in a healthy sea

Are you someone who cares about the Earth, the oceans and all marine life? Then we could really use your help!

Our dream is to culture fish in a way that contributes to a healthy future for humans, animals and the planet. That's why we don't just focus on farming fish for consumption, but also on giving cultured fish back to nature. Because the Earth means so much to us. We do this under the motto: 1 fish on your plate, 1 fish in the sea.
Illustration: Carola van der Valk Illustration: Carola van der Valk

Our dream

Our method of fish farming is the sustainable answer to the growing demand for food for a growing world population. What we do prevents overfishing and restores a healthy relationship between humans, animals and the sea. This unique technique for culturing sustainable seafood is developed by our knowledge partner Blue Linked. The results are promising, but we are not there yet. The method needs to be further refined and tested.
Illustration: Carola van der Valk Illustration: Carola van der Valk Illustration: Carola van der Valk

Join us

It is our dream that our animal-friendly way of fish farming will become everyday practice. That is what we want for you and for all the children of today and tomorrow. Because we want to keep our Earth and oceans habitable. We also do this for the animals, because our way of farming is guaranteed to be animal-friendly and natural. That is why we invite you to join us: because many drops make one ocean.

This is how you can help

Illustration: Carola van der Valk

Circular fish farming

We have a name for what we do: circular fish farming. In line with circular agriculture - based on the natural cycle - this is a logical term, but it does not yet exist in practice. And you can change that.
Illustration: Carola van der Valk
Join the Oceans at Work Foundation - a recognised charity foundation - and support our work. Then you will be a co-pioneer in the great innovation called circular fish farming. How wonderful it would be if this sustainable fish could be bought in shops, with its siblings swimming around in the sea.

We can't wait. Can you?